What if the ground under your feet cannot be trusted?

Borde Agency presents its new publication: What if the ground under your feet cannot be trusted? Which explores uncertainty from a territorial perspective. Starting at the Atacama desert minefields, this book explores the multiple instabilities that open up in the era of the capitalocene, climatic and social crisis.

The question that gives its title was posed to the three invited authors. Theo Reeves-Evison talks about financial ecology from the perspective of digital technologies, Weronika Zielinska relates his childhood uncertainties living with ruins and bombs from the Second World War, and Catalina Valdés explores the physical limits of science in the study of earthquakes in Chile.

Border Agency invites you to inquire about the uncertainties from the Landmine Project, which began by investigating the border sites of the Atacama Desert turned into weapon landscapes by antipersonnel and anti-tank mines that remain buried to this day in the territory. This book reveals the reflections that emerge from the most recent exhibition.