My interests on artistic creation lie in what I call portrait photography by omission. That is to say, the photography of objects whose worn out quality and condition constitute a portrait of the people they belong to. With this goal in mind, I produce a series of objects photographed in the same constant pattern of acts, enabling the differences to appear by comparison and thus constituting the portrait of those who own such objects.

The portrait I'm after is far from smiles and poses. I look for the hidden, the unseen, that which the photograph freezes and reveals. My method is to photograph objects we use on a daily basis: shoes, clothing, sheets, pillows, books, etc. taking them out of their regular environment and giving them a new meaning. Through such set of pre-established events and equal framing, the differences between the objects start to appear, as do the elements which constitute the owner's identity: age, sex, social condition and other more subjective features.