Between endings of October and March, during the greater part of Chile's spring and summer, Toronto moves two hours behind. Under different time zones and geographical realities, Isabel M. MartÍ­nez (Toronto, Canada) and Rosario Montero (Chile) record individual points of view within the quotidian.

Same Time, Different Hours is built upon a pre-established schedule of dates and times throughout five months; with each gaze in an opposite hemisphere, photographs were taken at the same time though clocks marked different hours.

Side by side, the images show not only what's immediately in front of the lens at the moment of the shot, but also bare witness to each artist's routines and sensibilities in the interpretation of their space/surroundings under different time zones. Simultaneously, a conscientious analysis transpires regarding the role of photography, as medium and image, in the perception of space-time.

By I. M. Martínez