Salto de la Princesa (Princess fall)

Sombras Negras y un Implante (Black Shadows and an Implant)

DegradaciĆ³n Tonal (Tone degradation)

Copia Conflictiva (Conflicting Copy)

no way out

This series is a project that takes form as a daily observation of my near environment. The images portrait urban landscapes from several cities in Britain where riots took place in 2011.

Blind windows, traces of past reconstructions, the brick as a symbol and also a sign of difference in social condition, the building as a mirror of the people that reside in it. The images reveal not only marks of history but also a form of constructed landscape of the world that we are living in.

My intention is to transform daily objects into a spectacle of their own reality. I create portraits of those who live there, without showing them directly. Through a set of pre-established procedures of framing and editing, the differences between the objects begin to appear, as do the elements which constitute into wider subjective features.

This project is part of a larger process called portraits in absence, and its central aim is to reveal (the construction of) identities within contemporary life.