serie habitaciones paranoicas (PARANOID ROOMS SERIES)

The images presented in "Paranoid Rooms" series portrait locations correspond to private spaces of the more elite class in Chile. The series portrays spaces such as bedrooms, kitchens, classrooms, etc. which appears as a social documents and portraits in absence of the people who inhabit them.

The photographs are originated through a succession of pre-established actions. The project idea is ruled by imposed norms that constitute a rigid, frontal, and symmetrical frame. This is how in "Paranoid Rooms" the non-identical fixed frame arises as a stable structure that builds, through the series, the specialness of the scene.

Another aspect in the final act of the presented work and seen by the viewer is generated by the tensions produced between the formal and conceptual relations of what appears as public (exposed image) and the private (rooms depicted).

The name of this series arose during its development as an answer to the excessive zealousness, the owners of the spaces showed in relation to the photographs taken. This is how through the visit to each of the "paranoid rooms" and the realization of this group of pre-established actions this series came about and with it, by photographing each of these different spaces, the owner of the space is revealed in his or her absence.